July 30, 2014
The Top Parent Tool to Battle Cyberbullying

The Top Parent Tool to Battle Cyberbullying

I get asked a lot of questions. Seriously, I’ll show you my inbox sometime. It’s truthfully one of the best parts of my job, being able to impart wisdom that I have picked up from over five years of travelling around the United States and talking with people.

ID-10063311Of all the questions I get asked, the biggest from parents has to do with the issue of bullying both in the real world and the digital.


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July 29, 2014
Teaching Internet Safety: It Takes A Village

Teaching Internet Safety: It Takes A Village

There’s a quiet debate taking place in the hallways of schools across the country – no – around the world. Who is responsible for teaching kids about Internet Safety?

I’ve travelled to hundreds of schools around North America and I’ve had this conversation regularly with school administrators, counselors, parents and even students. It would seem the problem is that, on all fronts, people feel…

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July 28, 2014
Casting Jonathan Maberry’s ‘Department Zero’

Casting Jonathan Maberry’s ‘Department Zero’

It would seem that my post regarding the announcement of Joe Ledger coming to life has sparked some intrigue from the online world. Since I hit “publish” on July 10th, the entry has received over 100 hits from Twitter, Facebook, and search engine inquiries. I’m a bit proud of this, not going to lie.

Also since publishing that entry I’ve been asked by some about what my thoughts on casting are. …

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July 21, 2014
Scams Exploiting Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 Crash

Scams Exploiting Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 Crash

It’s an unfortunate reality that in the wake of a tragedy the scum of the earth rise up to show their true colors. Scammers exploit major news tragedies in an effort to make money from real donations or fake charities.

Malaysia_Airlines_Boeing_777In the days following the crash of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 a large number of scam charities and malicious pages have popped up all over social networks.  These scams include…

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July 21, 2014
Too Soon: Jason Biggs Hasn’t Learned His Lesson

Too Soon: Jason Biggs Hasn’t Learned His Lesson

The world was stunned just a few days ago when news of the Malaysian Flight 17′s crash hit the newsfeeds. As a frequent flyer I found a bit in my stomach as I watched the details unfold. Soon to follow were reports of the plan being shot down. Over 300 lives lost in an instant.

As a comedian, I spend a lot of time looking at the world around me and finding humor in the moments where you would…

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July 18, 2014
Speaker Scam using UK Church as Front

Speaker Scam using UK Church as Front

In the past 6 years since I have started speaking professionally I have seen a large number of scams come through my inbox. Many are so transparent that it’s almost painful. It’s rare that a scam can fool me but this one almost got me. Almost.

ID-10079656Here is the 1st e-mail I received:

Dear Josh.

My Name is Pastor Tom Edwards from the First Baptist Church we are writing to Invite you to be our guest…

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July 16, 2014
Protecting Your Identity in the Online World

Protecting Your Identity in the Online World

As I mentioned in my last post, I spent a great deal of time having some wonderful conversations with School Counselors at the American School Counselor Association Annual Conference. One topic that came up more often than not in conversation was the issue of identity theft.

This is something that everyone should be concerned about as no one is safe.

Back in March as I was getting ready to buy a…

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July 15, 2014
Weird Al’s “Word Crimes” Is An English Major’s Dream Come True

Weird Al’s “Word Crimes” Is An English Major’s Dream Come True

MandatoryFunAs a complete and udder nerd, the new of Weird Al’s new album has had me giddy with joy since he started dropping hints about it.

Today he released the video for his Robin Thicke parody entitled “Word Crimes.” As an English major I am obsessed. It also made me super self-conscious about my blog since I’m the worst proof-reader ever. Yay for that!

Weird Al once again proves that he is the best and…

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July 14, 2014
School Counselors Rule The World; or, Lessons Learned at ASCA 2014

School Counselors Rule The World; or, Lessons Learned at ASCA 2014

It has been almost two weeks since I attended the American School Counselor Association’s National Conference in my new hometown of Orlando, FL and I must admit I’m still on cloud 9 from the experience.IMG_20140630_162414

In the six years that I have been working as a speaker I have only attended 3 conferences as an exhibitor. Two of which were the ASCA conferences.

Why ASCA? The answer is very simple.


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July 13, 2014
Cory Monteith: Lessons From Tragedy

Cory Monteith: Lessons From Tragedy

One year ago today the world learned of the tragic death of Glee star Cory Monteith from a drug overdose. At 31 years old Monteith was a beacon of hope for the underdog playing the character Finn Hudson on the Fox musical.

CoryMonteith00My opinion of Glee has certainly faltered in this latest season but in the first three especially, real life lessons were taught through a menagerie of top 40 pop songs.


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